PYJAMATZ are quirky pyjamas and nightgowns for babies, kids and women. The unusual fabric designs are bursting with exuberance and creativity, and the cuts are both elegant and comfortable.

The high-quality jersey fabrics used in the manufacture of PYJAMATZ are printed and sewn by a trusted family-run business in Portugal.

We have deliberately chosen to have our designs created in Switzerland and manufactured in Europe. We want to be sure where our products are produced and by whom, so that we can sleep just as soundly as our customers.

PYJAMATZ was founded in 2008 by Jolanda Huber and Stefanie Lanfranconi. Jolanda is responsible for the wonderful fabric designs and cuts, while Stefanie takes care of the corporate image, production, sales & marketing.

For the visual realization of the current campaign “FOSA SUBMARINA“, we have been fortunate in commissioning the services of the artist Patrick Graf. In his underwater universe made of cardboard, the young artist produces film clips for PYJAMATZ in which fantasy meets reality. The “FOSA SUBMARINA” video can be viewed on our homepage at .